Guest house

Vishenki village, Kiev region, Ukraine, 2007

Guest house naturally fit into a complex of buildings on the area, and at the same time has its own individual characteristics. It is a simple composition of the volume with using natural materials (wood, glass, metal), which makes a house as modern and environmentally friendly.

As for planning, the first floor is organized on the principle of two semantic units. The first unit is flowing space, consists of kitchen, dining room and living room, the most used. The second unit is a sauna complex with a lounge. Both units have access to a common roofed terrace, which overlooks the gulf of the Dnieper. The second floor consists of individual bedrooms and bathrooms. Another feature of the planning is a roofed veranda, which surrounds buildings and creates a visual effect "the inviting entrance" visible from all sides.

The house was conceived by the customer as accommodation for guests and at the same time as a sauna. As a result, it is the universal multifunctional space with a laconic and striking design.