Community center "Kadetskiy guy"

Kiev, Ukraine, 2010

This work is dedicated to finding architectural and planning decisions and the development of an optimal variant of the reconstruction of the industrial area in the center of on the site of the railway technical station "Kiev-Passazhyrskiy." The project offers the moving of technical station outside the city and design on its a multifunctional complex with a powerful sport and recreation sector.

The relevance of this project, in the first place relates to the modern problem of the reorganization of industrial land in the city center. Meanwhile, international experience shows that a solution to this problem is displayed in a format of creating community centers in these areas. In this case, the creation of such a center in this area solves a number of problems:

1. The construction of a multifunctional complex solves the issues of centralized business, commercial and entertainment centers.
2. Solution for transport problems in the designed area.
3. The problem of greening the central areas of the city - about 70 percent of the complex area consists of recreation and landscaping area.
4. Restores the ecological balance of the territory.
5. The project provides for the ponding and restoring the ancient river Lybid.
6. Partially will be solved the issue of development of tourism and sport in Ukraine, etc.