Apartment with a map

Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine, 2013

"Apartment with a map" is located in a single-section home of trifoliate home type. Therefore, the original design was complicated - not perpendicular walls, deep dark room, alight only from one side and a large lobby area. After redevelopment customers got a bright harmonic space of kitchen and living room, bedroom behind a glass transparent partition, and a large capacious dressing room.

Dark incapacious lobby has become a spacious hall, illuminated by a natural light.

Balcony, combined with a common space, implements two functions: the winter garden on the one side of the pylon, and the office on the other. One should pay attention to this pylon. It is a bearing construction and is located in the center of the appartment. Now it does not only prevent, but also splits up room and serves as a support for tables.

Bedroom appears very functional as well. The bed equipped with right, left and inside drawers. Wardrobes "align" roughness of planning walls and create a cozy nook for the children bed.

A few words should be said about the furniture: all cabinets, shelves, bed and kitchen was individually designed for this project, taking into account the customer's preferences and functional necessity.

The apartment is designed in a modern Scandinavian style. White walls, black accents: graphic wall, lamps and a shelf in the living room, the map in the bedroom and rack in the hall. The warm texture of wooden surface complements the image of Scandinavian housing.