Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine, 2015

The apartment "Comfort" is located in a modern housing estate “Comfort Town”. Beautiful flat design, open space of a living room, kitchen and dining room with an access to the terrace. The bright hall and corridor. Proper proportions of bedrooms. Looking into details: mirror separates the hall from the common area, but at the same time it adds light and air. A sofa was modified to have soft bench for a dining table . Guests prefer to sit right there. The walk-in closet is integrated directly into bedroom. There is a large mirror hidden inside the room. Small table which is placed next to the bed, is equipped with a mirror on its top part as well . Bathroom has an interesting solution - a glass partition that separates bathtub and shower - is built into ceramic granite without any frames. An extra room is organized in the terrace. This room is made mainly for laundry and boiler. Also there entire family is engaged in creative process. The apartment is designed in a contemporary style: composed, minimalistic, functional.